PM Tool

Enterprise Application

Esoft has implemented Pm for many of our clients . The main differentiating factor has been the customization and the usage of their SAAS based PM tool , various methodoliges have been implemented using this trool depending on the client needs and the enature of their projects.

Features :

  1. User Friendly, easy to understand and work
  2. User can enable messaging through their Outlook Setting(whenever user will send/receive message to/from a particular client, message will get copied to PM tool for the specific project)
  3. Start Date and End Date of the Project can be set so user is aware how many months duration of the project is left, etc.
  4. We can set birthdays/work anniversary/appointments,etc. and reminder for the same to concerned emailid
  5. User can log time for the respective project and Managers can even pull Custom report for the specified duration.
  6. Various tasks can be created for the project with start date and end date . When user will complete that task, he can notify the person whom he want to .
  7. Late tasks can be shown on Dashboard.
  8. Task lists can be set up for the projects.
  9. Users can have access for multiple projects
  10. Users can pull project report, task list reports.
  11. User can upload files against respective projects .
  12. User can save various links for respective projects.
  13. Project Admin can control various peoples for the project.